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New 2 Gov: Gov 2.0 What’s the Final Frontier?

So I took last week off on the blogosphere but I’m back in action this week. Lately I’ve been seeing a ton of tweets about Citizen 2.0 and also had a few conversations about where Gov 2.0 is and where it’s going and of course what it needs to get there. Most of the timeRead… Read more »

Free Yourselves from the Tyranny of the Document Metaphor!

(My title comes from a former colleague who buried this bon mot in a client deliverable – if she wishes me to name her, I shall. Else, know this headline gem is just something I wish I’d written.) I interjected myself into a listserv conversation last week, stating “documents present a barrier to knowledge –Read… Read more »

You Don’t Know What You Think You Know.

Remember the first time you rode a bike without help? When the steadying hand came off the seat or your training wheels were unscrewed and set aside for a future toddler? Remember what you were wearing? For me, it was a tweed suit, with shorts and a cap. And the hand coming off the seatRead… Read more »

Performance Appraisal Rears Its Ugly Head

For most of us, the oft dreaded annual performance appraisal rears its ugly head at least once a year. Loathed by the majority of managers & employees alike, one’s approach to performance appraisals is a sure-fire way to experience a positive or negative outcome. Perhaps it’s time to take a fresh look at what’s reallyRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0: Are You Ready? You’ve Made the Decision, What is the Impact?

By Luis Benavides, Business Development Manager In the past when I was invited to talk to customers about SharePoint on NetApp (SnapManager for SharePoint) I would always start the conversation off by talking about the world of ‘collaboration’ and endless possibilities, about how SharePoint is a starting point; integration with Project Server, BizTalk, StreamingRead… Read more »

Interview with David Hale, Project Manager of Pill Identification System Pillbox

The patient arrives unconscious in the emergency room as physicians search for clues to the cause for her condition. A quick look in her purse reveals a single light orange oval tablet with ML-P17 imprinted on one side—is it related to her state or unimportant? Thanks to a new application created by Gov 2.0 superstarRead… Read more »

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ASPA Annual Conference Event: Students have an Active Voice in ASPA

At the National Council Meeting on April 10, 2010, it seems clear that the council agrees that the Student Representative (newly establish voting position on the council) should do the following: Be in contact with students (national and international) and provide students with a direct link to Council. (When I mention students above and goingRead… Read more »

RecoveringFed writes on The Discreet Charms of the North American Knowledge Worker

This is a repost from my blog Over a very pleasant meal yesterday, my lunch partner and I began to exchange ideas about how best to manage knowledge workers. Quite a challenge, we both agreed, and leaning toward hell when you need to manage knowledge workers against a deadline. This topic deserves more carefulRead… Read more »

Archiving Social Media – Comprehensive Resources on GovLoop and Beyond

Earlier today, I saw this tweet from GovLoop Founder Steve Ressler: So I did a quick search of GovLoop and found a TON of content and conversations (see below). Also, I started creating a GovLoop Guide on Archiving. Want to help me finish it? Send me a message. GOVLOOP RESOURCES >>>BLOGS • Email, records, content,Read… Read more »

Towards a More Transparent and Collaborative Government: One Year In

The other day I was having lunch with Rich Dougherty, the CEO of Expert Choice, a collaboration software company in Arlington, VA that is a client of mine. We were discussing the trends towards a more transparent and collaborative federal government. I decided to record it with my iPhone and turn it into an interview.Read… Read more »