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QR codes – The teksters version of a secret decoder ring!

Anyone that has spent any time around me in recent months won’t be surprised to see me blogging about QR codes. In fact, a colleague recently sent me this link, Arrrgmented Reality, because I have them up on my office window, in our breakroom (yes, it’s a foursquare check-in location), and on cards and lettersRead… Read more »

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My 4 Part Government Engagement Funnel

Often government engagement is done as a one-off. A one-time call for feedback. A one-time challenge. However, I think government should think more about building long-term relationships and engagement with stakeholders. Think about it in a non-profit, political, or for-profit model: -For-profit – Does Groupon want you to just buy today’s deal? Nope – theyRead… Read more »

Geek Nostalgia – What my geek past has taught me

Its weird when you think back and see how things affect you over time, and how what you know is rooted in the path you take in life. I recently read Malcolm Gladwell’s excellent book “Outliers” that carries this underlying message throughout its narrative. Among many of its messages, I was really intrigued by theRead… Read more »

Is the State Department Wiki Leaks the Beginning of a Nightmare For Open Government?

After three days of consuming the best of cuisine during Thanksgiving holiday, I have once again experienced my usual holiday epiphany to become inspired. It is usually around this time of year, that I personally and professionally aspire to take my goal setting to the next level. Honestly speaking, I am excited about expanded hopesRead… Read more »

All Social is Learning

I’ve been reflecting lately on my brief sojourn into education reform prior to returning to “the world.” Several things I learned there, including the idea that how brains work and how people interact represent new fields of study to the Field of Education. (With apologies to any of my new Ed friends, please correct meRead… Read more »

Introducing This is Govable: The U.S. Army’s Facebook Landing Page

Hello, GovLoopers! I’d like to introduce This is Govable, a series that will highlight government examples of impressive social media tactics and improved collaboration through technology. This series might not always showcase the biggest campaigns, but it will highlight small, meaningful steps that the government is taking towards Gov2.0. Please feel free to send meRead… Read more »

How To Run an Awesome Gov’t TweetUp – Lessons from NASA

************************************************************************ Not a Member? JOIN NOW (It’s free and Takes 30 seconds) ************************************************************************ So I spent today at the awesome NASA tweetup in Kennedy Space Center. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to stay until the delayed launch (now Wednesday). But I learned a lot in my 7 hours on site about NASA and even moreRead… Read more »

Gimme the $$$ Part 1 – Salary Basics

A post from Patra Frame, HR Strategist for ClearedJobs.Net While you have seen the advice to put off salary discussions as long as possible in discussing a potential job, you need to learn about salary ranges and what is realistic early in your job search. Your knowledge, experience, and the value you demonstrate you offerRead… Read more »

Four Scenarios of the Future of Gov 2.0

“Greetings, my friend. We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. And remember, my friend, future events such as these will affect you in the future.”(From the opening of Plan Nine from Outer Space) The idea for this posting cameRead… Read more »

Remarks by Bill Moyers, October 6, 2010, Washington, DC

Thank you for inviting me to join in this 40th anniversary of Common Cause. Your founder, John Gardner, profoundly influenced my life and I welcome this opportunity to share some memories of him. When we met in 1965 John Gardner was already very wise and I was still very young. I never grew younger butRead… Read more »