Esri Powers Security Efforts at Super Bowl

At a recent GovLoop and Esri meetup, Benton Yteman, director of solutions development and Captain Steve Pollackov, FDNY GIS Unit told the compelling story of how they leveraged PenBay Solutions and Esri’s ArcGIS Online to develop an application to meet all the security needs for the 2014 Super Bowl. Brian Lantz, public safety sales director,Read… Read more »

Decision Making with Real-Time Data

GIS is a platform for understanding our world. In the past, the data that fueled GIS could only represent a specific moment in time. But now, a number of new technologies are combining with ArcGIS to enable the real-time collection and sharing of data. The result? A dynamic platform that enables real-time visualization and analysis.Read… Read more »

The Power of Predictive Policing in Surf City

When the term ‘predictive policing’ comes up, what movie immediately comes to mind? If you said The Minority Report you aren’t alone. According to Santa Cruz Deputy Chief of Policy Steve Clark, that’s a common reaction. In reality, the technology currently being tested by law enforcement today is just as fascinating as science fiction –Read… Read more »

Build Better Virtual Events & Training For Your Agency

As attendees settled into their chairs, hastily grabbing coffee and tea from the refreshments table, an unspoken question lingered in the air. Over 200 people attended yesterday’s in-person conference, “Build Better Virtual Events & Training for Your Agency,” presented by GovLoop and ON24. And to the relief of the crowd, the question was immediately addressedRead… Read more »