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So, You Want a Federal Job…

By: Angela Bailey Angela Bailey is Deputy Associate Director, Center for Talent and Capacity Policy, U.S. Office of Personnel Management It wasn’t too long ago, during the economic boon, I was asked: Why do you work for the federal government? Followed by–you could make so much more in the private sector. Now, with the economicRead… Read more »

Three Collaboration Tools Everyone Should Know

Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Flickr, IM: do these sound like foreign words? In the face of new social media and collaboration, getting in touch over the Internet has never been more complicated. With so many of these whiz-bang technologies out there, it can be especially frustrating to figure out which ones are worth learning about andRead… Read more »

Feds gear up

There’s been plenty of quick action so far to ratchet up the government’s response to the swine flu outbreak. It’s all over the federal government – There are websites from multiple federal agencies. Congress is planning emergency hearings this week on the outbreak and government command centers have been enacted to keep track of andRead… Read more »

Web 3.0 and the Virtual Proposal Manager, part 1

Web 3.0 and the Virtual Proposal Manager, part 1 by Donna L. Quesinberry, Washington Business Examiner As an evolving field of expertise, proposal management and the ‘process life-cycle’ are entering yet another augmentation. The newest capture planning and business development solutions profile involves an ability to remain both an active and dynamic participant, while promotingRead… Read more »

“Sweet GovTweets” Coredump from Gov20camp (March 2009)

In progress. Currently timestamp is: 11:45 am on Friday. This tag will be updated as I continue to trawl through the tweets. I am trying to go through the main twitter stream in the event someone is interested in the (currently) 4661 tweets from gov20camp. I am also trying to arrange the sessions as bestRead… Read more »

Pandemic – What can I do ?

Pandemics – What can I do? Alice M. Fisher asked a great question. “How will one single government worker riding the metro system everyday, day in and day out personally prepare and make a difference (even if you are supposed to be the last to go or shut down. Schools can close. Restaurants and roadsRead… Read more »

Andrew Krzmarzick! – Featured Govloop Member

Andrew Krzmarzick is a Senior Project Manager at the Graduate School, USDA. I met him on govloop and I asked him to be our featured member because I see him leading the effort to make government better using social media tools. Quietly, (if that is possible with twitter and blogging,) I see Andrew one classRead… Read more »

Acting Appointments Matter: Here’s Why

I’ve got a long post on the meaning of Obama’s acting appointments at management agencies up at FedBlog today. Here’s the first half: Why the Acting Appointments Matter By Alyssa Rosenberg | Monday, January 26, 2009 | 12:19 PM I’ve had a number of people ask why we’ve been so focused on President Obama’s decisionRead… Read more »

2009: A year for technology in government, Microsoft FutureFed

Microsoft has launched a very insightful blog about government technology called FutureFed, and it is definitely worth checking out. Here’s their latest post on trends in government IT. The year ahead promises to be an exciting one for government IT. At all levels, a new Administration on the national scene will influence directions, mandates, andRead… Read more »

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Thoughts from South Korea

So I’m on the plane flying back from a wonderful week in Seoul, South Korea for the International Conference of IT Administrators. I was invited as part of their Future Leaders program and spoke to the group about “Recruiting and Retaining Gen Y” and “Web 2.0 and Social Media.” There were colleagues from approximately 20Read… Read more »