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Congressman Honda weighs in on Social Media and Government 2.0

I had the pleasure of asking questions of Congressman Mike Honda, via his Legislative Correspondent/Online Communications Coordinator, Ahmed R. Bhadelia. While a more direct communication is always preferable I appreciate the Congressman, and his Staff, taking time out of a very busy schedule to respond.

Q. What are your views on the open government directive and what value do you see it providing to citizen’s and public employees?

A. As a former educator, I have always believed… Continue

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Think your customers/citizens are stupid? Guess who their leader is…

Providing great services and products is difficult for businesses, government agencies, everyone. It is easy to blame the customers, or the citizens, for not understanding the complexity of issues ranging from how to install your product to the need for building permits. While, to be honest, there a likely a couple of knowledge-challenged people among those groups, if you have a large number of customers, or potential customers, that do not understand your products/services the real problem is… Continue

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It is the check-in, not the location, that matters most

David Carr of the Wall Street Journal wrote a good article ( on geo-social services a couple of days ago. In this article he highlights a point I have tried to make for some time now:

‘“The check-in is bigger than location,” said Yancey Strickler of Kickstarter, a Web site that helps with fund-raising for media products’

Location matters,… Continue

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How open government and government 2.0 can help health care reform

Regardless of your views, for or against, the health care reform act you must admit that its passage was historic. The long battle to reach this point could be, however, all for naught if not properly managed. The good news is the strategy and tools are available, will they be used?

First, to make sure we are all on the same page, let me quickly share my key definitions. I am certain that portions have been inadvertently stolen (er… borrowed) from others, I apologize to those people…


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Martha Coakley, Attorney General in Massachusetts, talks about Social Media

Martha Coakley continues to look for ways to innovate, to find better ways of achieving the goals associated with her role as Attorney General of Massachusetts. I was fortunate enough to get her insights on a number of questions, I hope you learn as much as I have.

Q. What are your thoughts on government 2.0, the open government directive/initiative?

A. Government leaders and agencies that are open to adapting new practices will see benefit from doing so. The opportunities new… Continue

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Lessons to learn from

The Government Accounting Office (GAO), the investigative arm of Congress, came out with a report, discussed on Informationweek, which finds several faults with the web site. The GAO nails the site in terms of both data quality and quantity.

While the report is dead on in terms of those issues, lets take a minute and focus on the real value being provided by collaborative and social technologies. First, that this data, incomplete and imperfect as it is, is publicly… Continue

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Learning to be Genuine

We generally have a disconnect between the person, business, or agency that we want to be and the reality of who or what we are today. This disconnect is a great thing, an opportunity for growth an opportunity for improvement. However, when not understood, it is also a major pain point, something that leads your customers, your citizens, to lack faith in your words and actions.

As you begin to make use of collaborative solutions, like social media, it is critical that you recognize… Continue

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When did leaders lose track on the importance of their teams?

I live in a small town in Massachusetts (Winthrop), a town like many others across the country, one that is struggling through a rough economy like all others. Yet, in this small town, the teachers have gone without a contract for two years while the Superintendent receives a huge pay raise, the football team has their uniforms dry-cleaned while the girls basketball team does not have enough shorts.

Okay, you get the point, right? Things are clearly a bit upside down. Leaders,… Continue

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Quick! Call 911 to get the 411 on 311

There is a lot of discussion about the need for governments to become more open, more transparent, sharing data with citizens. 311 services, anything considered non-critical services, are getting a lot of publicity now with Washington DC and San Francisco making big public splashes around their open 311 efforts. Vivek Kundra, Federal CIO, said this about Open 311:

“Too often, people grumble that their complaints about government – be it city, county, state, or federal – get swallowed… Continue

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Two thumbs way up! INgage Networks and MSU

While I have known about this partnership for a while it was great to see INgage Networks and Michigan State University announce their partnership yesterday. I asked Kim Kobza, CEO of INgage Networks, how the projects will be selected and how they will decide success, here is what he shared:

"As part of our agreement we jointly establish project goals and measurement criteria for all projects. The measurements are output driven (as opposed to simply measuring network activity).… Continue

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