Back to School Syllabus

Class is in session and we’ve put together a helpful “Back to School Syllabus” to help you sharpen your skills and tackle all the bureaucracy work may throw at you.

The resources included in your syllabus are FREE and designed to help you do your job better. We’ll email you once a week with a lesson plan. Finish all of your assignments and you’ll get an A+, gold star and maybe even a raise at work.

  • Week 1 – Required Reading: Our must-read list includes guides, infographics and blog posts on government hot topics (not your old dusty textbook). You’ll be the smartest one in the room.
  • Week 2 – Upcoming Online Trainings: Learn best practices from government experts in real-time with our selection of online trainings. You can even earn continuing professional education (CPE) credits.
  • Week 3 – New GovLoop Academy Courses: Take self-paced, interactive courses on GovLoop Academy to get deep knowledge. Boring lectures not included.

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Extra Credit – Share our syllabus with a coworker and we’ll send you our new Government Career Booster Toolkit that includes resume templates, interview prep sheet, salary negotiation tactics and other resources to help you advance your career.