Maximizing Your Data’s Potential

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Breaking Down Barriers: A Collaborative Approach to Data Analytics

Learn how government is using data to create a more knowledgeable and tech savvy workforce. In this report, we highlight challenges that agencies face using a traditional approach to data management, how departments can better use the data at their disposal and best practices for transitioning to a more coherent, useful data system. Download your reportRead… Read more »

Leveraging the Modern Enterprise Data Platform

To move forward in today’s demanding world of government IT, agencies at all levels need to look to a modern intelligence enterprise data platform that can combine AI with automated actions and machine learning to advance missions using data. To explore how government can move to and leverage this platform, GovLoop partnered with ServiceNow, aRead… Read more »

How Can Agencies Securely Move Data and Analytics to the Cloud?

Agency IT and security operations teams must rethink how they protect data in a digital world where data is everywhere, particularly when data is in the cloud. Federal agencies should take a chapter from financial institutions’ playbooks and adopt a data-centric approach that includes data encryption, tokenization and key management that protects data across allRead… Read more »

Leveraging High-Volume Data to Improve Population Health

Data is the lifeblood of healthcare and the foundation for population health management (PHM) initiatives. Data integrated from an expanding array of sources – electronic health records, insurance claims, pharmacy records, IoT, AI and emerging areas in genomic sequencing and social determinants of health – brings new opportunities to prevent and treat chronic conditions, andRead… Read more »

Data and Defense: How to Boost Readiness

Defense and intelligence agencies want to leverage the data they collect so they can use artificial intelligence to enhance readiness – but most who run these programs don’t know how to get started and find it difficult to make the business case to their leadership. In this research report, created by GovLoop in partnership withRead… Read more »

How Government Can Thrive in the Digital Economy

Government agencies depend on actionable data to make mission-critical decisions about the services they provide, how citizens and employees use and interact with those services, and how they can continually improve operations. Sometimes insights come from internal datasets that agencies have collected for months or even years. But more agencies are taking advantage of theRead… Read more »

The Modern Enterprise Data Fabric: Helping the Public Sector Transform Digitally

In this industry perspective, GovLoop and Splunk, provider of a leading software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, have partnered to discuss what digital transformation means for the public sector, how the data deluge is adding to the complexity and how a segment of big data, called machine data, is offering opportunities to ride the digital… Read more »

Improving the Citizen Experience With Real-Time Data

Timely and actionable data can tell us a lot about our government, the citizens it serves and whether federal programs are effectively meeting their needs. Not only that, but data can also capture the sentiments of rank-and-file employees who fuel those services and programs. The ability to capitalize on those valuable insights has been anRead… Read more »

Better Income Estimation for the Public Sector

In this resource, we focus on income data and how it affects the public sector’s ability to administer means-tested programs; explain why income data is difficult to assess but critical to do properly; showcase solutions to verify demographic data and prevent fraud; and discuss other unique tools to help battle program errors and fraud.

Empowering Agency Leaders with Self-Service Data Visualization

What do Pixar, the creators of the animated films “Toy Story” and “Up!,” and the Department of Defense (DoD) have in common? One thing: both organizations know how to harness the power of visualization. In fact, one of the founding employees of Pixar, Pat Hanrahan, helped the DoD realize how something that brought children’s storiesRead… Read more »

How Unified Data Architecture Can Revolutionize Analytics in Government

Data is a highly sought-after commodity, but simply amassing information isn’t enough. To be useful, the data must be actionable, and must be presented in a way that makes it meaningful. And it’s that piece of the puzzle that’s hanging up government data use. Data – including big data, which is so large or soRead… Read more »

Gaining the Situational Awareness Needed to Mitigate Cyberthreats

To become more resilient against cyberthreats, agencies must improve visibility and understand events happening on their networks. With increased awareness, organizations will see operational benefits and save employees valuable time, improving productivity and morale. To achieve these benefits, agencies need to deploy the right kind of infrastructure. They must look to a platform approach andRead… Read more »

Why You Need Improved Operational Intelligence for Big Data

Today, a big data solution offers hope for governments to unlock potential from all the data they collect, store and manage. Through better data management, governments can re-imagine their business processes. At a time when public sector resources and budgets are shrinking and citizens are demanding improved services, big data promises much needed relief forRead… Read more »

Government Workforce in Focus: Closing the Data and Analytics Skills Gap

Standing between the federal government and improved delivery of services is the data skills gap. Federal managers worry that prospective employees entering the job market lack the analytical skills, statistical competencies and technical proficiency needed to understand the federal government’s large and complex datasets. The data skills gap comes at a time when federal governmentRead… Read more »

The Foundation for Data Innovation: The Enterprise Data Hub

Centrally managing data has long been a goal for IT managers. Now, with emerging technology and improvements to the way data can be stored and hosted, centrally managing data is finally a reality for organizations. As such, more and more agencies have been adopting an architecture – known as the enterprise data hub (EDH) –… Read more »

Building Safer Communities in the Digital Age

Analytics has transformed the way public safety organizations fight crime and keep our communities safe. Today, GovLoop and IBM have released a new report, Smarter Cities: Public Safety in the Digital Age, which explores how new analytical approaches has re-imagined the way the public sector protects communities. As governments are faced with shrinking budgets andRead… Read more »

Predictive Analytics

Today, government is challenged like never before. In an era of budget cuts, increasing demands for services, and increasingly complex government transactions, government officials are pressed to think of new ways of thinking and innovative solutions to complex problems. Predictive analytics is one possible solution for government agencies. Recently, I had the opportunity to speakRead… Read more »