Leveraging High-Volume Data to Improve Population Health

Data is the lifeblood of healthcare and the foundation for population health management (PHM) initiatives. Data integrated from an expanding array of sources – electronic health records, insurance claims, pharmacy records, IoT, AI and emerging areas in genomic sequencing and social determinants of health – brings new opportunities to prevent and treat chronic conditions, andRead… Read more »

Moving Toward Health Equity Through GIS

In this industry perspective, we’ll learn what GIS is and why it should matter to all governments, how to achieve inter-departmental collaboration and move to working with nonprofits and leaders in the community and how you can use GIS to amplify your strategy and make the most of limited resources when combating health inequities.

The Pivotal Role of Technology in Federal Healthcare

Beth Meyers, Chief Nurse Executive, and Joel Rydbeck, Director of Healthcare Technology and Strategy at Infor, sat down to discuss tactics for federal agencies to consider with GovLoop. They said the answer lies in applying an integrated suite of tools that makes the most of the existing data, processes and systems of individual healthcare organizations.