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Going ROWE: The Guinea Pigs in the Basement

By Gadi Dechter Associate Director of Government ReformCenter for American Progress This is the second in a series of weekly dispatches from the District of Columbia’s information technology department, which is transforming into a “results-only work environment” where employees can work where they want, when they want—so long as they meet predefined goals. Washington’s 35-year-oldRead… Read more »

An Alternative to ‘Work-Life Balance’

Originally posted on Let me start by stating I HATE the phrase ‘Work-Life Balance’!!! NOTE: My apologies, in advance, to my mother, for she never liked us using the word “HATE”, but let’s just say “strongly dislike” doesn’t emphasize the point well enough in this case. ‘Work-Life Balance’ or some VERY similar phrase, getsRead… Read more »

The future of the work/life balance – What we can learn from the”The Wild Thornsberrys”

I commented on a statement given by Jerry – It is located here HI Jerry, Great Post. As for the secretary. You could! There are tons of companies right now on the internet, and even personal people, who have your “virtual” 1-800 number forwarded to anyone you want. For instance, my sister, who livesRead… Read more »

Half way through graduate school – and wondering what direction the hill will be next year?

So, I am officially two weeks, three projects, one group meeting and eight evaluations away from being done with my frist year of my Masters of Public Policy! I’m grateful for the experience of working full-time while going to school but starting to question whether it’s possible to do both well while maintaining my sanityRead… Read more »