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Governments’ success with new social media depends on success with old engagement methods

[Note this is a cross post from my blog, the original (with links & images) can be found here.] Transparency, open government, e-government, Gov 2.0 are all terms to describe government’s new relationship with citizens in the age of the Internet, particularly using the social media technology solutions of Web 2.0. Many believe in itsRead… Read more »

When Social Location Sharing Meets Government Services

[Note: This is a cross post from my blog, the original can be found here.] I had the opportunity to do some thinking about the future of social media and government a month ago in Vancouver with some very smart people. One of the things that came up (mostly due to our geeky familiarity withRead… Read more »

Public Diplomacy via Innovative Social Engagement

Since I left the National Defense Unversity, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do next. In between, I did some writing, speaking, and teaching, but now I’m moving to something more permanent. It’s leaked that I’m joining Microsoft’s U.S. Public Sector division as Director of Innovative Social Engagement. I thought I’dRead… Read more »

Jane & John Q. Public’s “Year-End (2009) Gov 2.0 List”

There are some great “year-end” blog posts and articles reviewing e-Gov, or government via the Internet. This year, it is mostly about Gov 2.0 — stories or benchmarks for expanding collaborative technologies of Web 2.0 across the public sector. All of these articles come from practitioners, intended for reading/discussion among other practitioners. What’s missing? HowRead… Read more »

The Future of Transparency-Effective Outreach

The dominant first year theme of the new Administration has been the importance of achieving “transparency” to build citizen trust. The transparency ideal—inarguable in principle—is difficult in execution. To this end, most of the available leadership bandwidth has been consumed by public promotion of a data centric portal strategy as a means to achieve transparency.Read… Read more »

Video on Harrisonburg Summits – Open Space Meetings Hosted by Mayor

I’m excited about this 3-minute video that captures the energy at a Harrisonburg Summit. You’ll see footage from my Mayor’s Sustainability Summit, which is archived online. I was honored to have Harrison Owen, the founder of Open Space Technology, come visit me to give guidance on how to design the first summit. Over 150 peopleRead… Read more »

Social Media: Citizen Engagement or Gov’t Control?

@BareKnuckleDawg recently sent me the following concerns regarding government use of social media: I regard this “Gov 2.0 thing as the governments way of attempting to spy on the public while “sitting in their lap”, so to speak. The government wants to constantly monitor public sentiment – and I think you are all aiming forRead… Read more »

New Orleans City Council Launches Website and Increases Transparency with Live, On-demand, and Searchable Public Meetings

Yesterday, New Orleans City Council launched its redesigned website and NOLA GOV. Online, a technology featuring live and archived streaming video of City Council meetings. NOLA GOV. Online can be accessed through the City Council website at An instrumental part of their website redesign project was the launch of a new transparency tool:Read… Read more »

Tell DHS what you think about Homeland Security priorities – Log on this week!

This year marks the first-ever Quadrennial Homeland Security Review (QHSR), a top-to-bottom review of the Department of Homeland Security to assess our nation’s homeland security policies and priorities. Although the review is occurring in Washington, DHS knows that it won’t really be complete unless it includes input from stakeholders across the country, including other federalRead… Read more »