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Do I Work In An Inclusive Workplace?

The NeuroLeadership Institute is an organization that uses brain science to drive leadership development. Recognizing how inclusive behaviors are core values of 21st Century leaders, they have come up with a handy model that simplifies this complicated notion of how to know when a workplace setting is truly inclusive.

How Empathy Helps Inclusion

How can we be more inclusive of people and things we don’t warm up to? How can we be more curious about their differences? After all, don’t their differences matter just as much as our differences? How can we get into their world and see how those differences make sense to them even though they… Read more »

Are We There Yet?

Every parent has heard this from their children as we tow them along in a car, bus, plane or train during a vacation trip-are we there yet? It is a natural inclination of all human beings this insatiable desire for instant gratification. We want the best and we want it now. We are hard wiredRead… Read more »

Words of Exclusion

16 years into the 21st century, you would think that recruiters in search for the best talent would not exclude a diverse applicant pool from the hiring mix. Unfortunately, that is exactly what many human capital offices do every day by writing job announcements in a way that exclude female and people of color candidates.