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Waiting to be Uncovered

In 1963, Erving Goffman, an American sociologist, coined the term “covering.” He described it as the efforts people make to keep their stigmatized identities hidden. He indicated that one of the most visible acts of covering was when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt would be seated early at the table prior to a Cabinet Meeting inRead… Read more »

How American Indian Values Can Help Your Workplace

Interdependence American Indian organizations are interdependent. They understand that the success of the organization depends on everyone regardless of their title, role, paycheck or ego. Obligation to Others American Indian organizations realize they are obligated to the success of their members and those they serve. They do not give up on each other no matterRead… Read more »

6 Ways We Avoid Inclusion

It is the responsibility of everyone to create safe, healthy and inclusive workplaces by encouraging, expecting, recognizing and embracing differences. Yet here in the real world, inclusion rarely happens. Based on the observations of cultural competency expert, Fernando Ortiz, here are some of the reasons we avoid the difficult work of inclusion. I Didn’t DoRead… Read more »

Special Emphasis Observances: Mend Them or End Them

Can we do away with the following months or at least change the way we commemorate them: Black History, Women’s History, Asian Pacific American Heritage, Hispanic Heritage, National Disability Employment Awareness and Native American Heritage? Why. Rarely do these observances focus on what executive orders, public laws, federal regulations and Presidential proclamations require- the improvementRead… Read more »