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Be Thankful but Keep it In Perspective

Envision for a moment that Germany won World War II. They in turn created a holiday that celebrated this feat and ignored the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism. This holiday would be centered around families giving thanks for one of the biggest human rights travesties in world history. Businesses would close during this national observance. Schools wouldRead… Read more »

The Biggest Obstacle to Diversity: The Knowing and Doing Gap

I have hundreds of conversations with managers and employees around diversity and inclusion issues every year. One of their most frequent questions is “What is the biggest barrier to diversity and inclusion?” The answer is “the knowing and doing gap.” We know a lot about diversity and inclusion. Unfortunately, like most of the world, weRead… Read more »

Reconsidering Columbus Day

Why does the federal government, a supposedly national symbol for diversity, continue to celebrate Columbus Day? This holiday does little to promote diversity and inclusion for American Indians/Alaska Natives. It celebrates the legacy of a man, Christopher Columbus, who committed egregious atrocities against Indigenous people. Could this be a contributing factor to American Indian/Alaska NativeRead… Read more »

3 Musts for Inclusion

As I negotiate inclusion trainings with busy supervisors and managers in the federal government, I am often asked, “Boil inclusion down to a couple of talking points for me.” Know Yourself This is often the most difficult first step. Most of us go through life without fully know ourselves by identifying our personal beliefs, biasesRead… Read more »

The Importance of “Diversity Thinking” — and Compliance

All federal employees should be mindful of the importance of workforce diversity, especially federal managers. Executive Order 13583 was signed by President Obama in August 2011: Establishing a Coordinated Government-wide Initiative to Promote Diversity and Inclusion in the Federal Workforce. According to E.O. 13583: “Our Nation derives strength from the diversity of its population andRead… Read more »

2013 Inclusion Summit

Creating Innovation & Competitive Advantage with Cultural Competence & Diversity An organization with diversified talent is an organization with amazing potential for collaboration, innovation and heightened productivity. However, only organizations that practice inclusion can tap into the full potential of a diverse workforce. Defining inclusion is one thing but having a culture that embodies itRead… Read more »

Federal Focus: Disability Employment Awareness

In case you were unaware, October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, as designated by the Federal Government and recognized by state and local governments. Yet most savvy employers should already know by now that fostering workplace diversity and inclusion for all simply makes good business sense, especially in the 21st century. The business communityRead… Read more »

MYTHS & FACTS: Federal Sector EEO Process

Background: Some recent commentary and conjecture have taken aim at the federal sector equal employment opportunity (EEO) complaint process. Following are facts to aid in demystifying the “myths”: MYTH: Discrimination is found in less than 2 percent of EEO complaints. FACT: Discrimination may occur in up to 33 percent of EEO cases. The 2-3 percentRead… Read more »