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The Ultimate Guide to Amazing PowerPoint Presentations

We’ve all seen one of these great PowerPoint presentations – the lights go down, the screen lights up with a high resolution picture of an elephant in the middle of a river spraying water on its back and the speaker weaves a story around it, teaching you important lessons and inspiring the bejeezus out ofRead… Read more »

I Have Met The Enemy And It Is Not PowerPoint

Mark Valentine (Chevy Chase, MD) — After a long period of popularity, there has been a recent backlash against the use of PowerPoint for communication within the government, particularly at the Pentagon and within the U.S. national security and intelligence community. However, focusing on the software as the cause of communications breakdown is merely aRead… Read more »

Transparency in Contracting: The Presentation

Couldn’t help my nerdiness — I had to insert “The Presentation” as a subtitle. It reminded me of Power Rangers: The Movie. It’s just too great to not include. Anyways, here’s an updated version of a presentation I gave the other week to the NCMA NOVA Chapter. Wonderful group of folks by the way. TransparencyRead… Read more »