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Respect for Millennials

Our current generation of millennial professionals will make up the majority of the workplace in the next twenty years. Employers report millennials aren’t ready for work–that in management and leadership areas they only succeed because they are bright achievers. So far. We have the power to change that. It’s not anyone’s fault–everything is happening soRead… Read more »

My Leadership Sweet Spot

Leaders must be learners and last week I completed the Healthcare Leadership Development Program. It was great program focused on each of us as individual leaders, the healthcare environment we operate in and leadership in crisis. As a wrap-up, each participant was asked to share a three minute success story.  Not quite Ignite style (wouldn’tRead… Read more »

Surviving the Next Skill Wave as Public Employees

NPR recently posed the following question: Do we all need to learn how to code software? According to the article, both Democrat and Republican leaders have expressed a desire to make programming a core skillset, placing it on equal footing with reading, math, and foreign language training. “Becoming literate in code is as essential toRead… Read more »

Starting a Mentoring Relationship – Fall 2012 Mentors Kickoff

Last week marked the beginning of the GovLoop Fall 2012 Mentors Program, starting with the official kickoff on August 28th, 2012. At that event, Andrew Krzmarzick and I discussed the progression of GovLoop’s mentors program, goal setting for your mentoring relationship, and the characteristics of successful mentors and mentees. It was a great event, andRead… Read more »

Is Grad School Worth It? It Depends on Your Value Drivers

There were a lot of great comments revolving around the grad school question. Thank you to all those who commented. Although not explicitly communicated, many of the comments illustrated the values driving each person. At any given time, we can be GOOD at only one or two (rarely three) of our most important values. ThereforeRead… Read more »

OK, I’m a Mentor. Now What?

After I posted this NAGC Mentoring Program announcement earlier this week, I got to thinking, “what are people’s expectations for mentoring?” So, I ask you, good people, what do you think makes a mentor? A mentee? Any good experiences to share, either as a mentor or mentee, and what expectations do you think are reasonableRead… Read more »

Online MPA Inspector General Program Launched

John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in affiliation with the Association of Inspectors General, has launched a new opportunity for professional development and career advancement in the field of inspection and oversight. John Jay’s highly respected MPA Inspector General Program is now available in both the traditional classroom format and in a primarily online format.Read… Read more »