Improving Resilience with Active Cyber Defense

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The volume, velocity, and aggressiveness of cyberattacks continues to increase with threats coming from all angles.  Technology trends such as digitization of information, social networking, mobile, cloud computing, smart devices, and the Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to create more vectors for attacks.  This environment requires a fundamental shift in how organizations need to architect and go about their cyber defenses.  With it being inevitable that organizations will be attacked, organizations need to become more active with cyber defense and increase their ability to detect and rapidly respond to attacks with the goal of removing threats before they do damage.

Join this interactive on-demand training as we discuss steps organizations can take to improve cyber resilience. Specifically:

  • What does being cyber resilient mean?
  • Why it’s important for organizations to be more active or proactive in protecting themselves
  • How organizations are augmenting prevention efforts with more comprehensive detection and response efforts
  • Why integration, collaboration, and automation are now critical elements of cyber defense
  • A look at how the U.S. Government’s Active Cyber Defense reference architecture aka “SHORTSTOP”