Professional Development

Developing Your “On Brand” Leadership Style

Creating a personal brand is not solely reserved for online influencers looking to promote their expertise or sell products. You may already have the beginnings of a personal brand — your reputation at work. Building the brand means being purposeful in shaping the perception others have of you.

Conversations With CXOs: Andrea Fletcher

Government leaders have a lot to teach us, no matter where we are in government. Here are lessons learned from CMS’ Chief Digital Strategy Officers regarding management, instilling a feeling of belonging in the workforce and responding to evolving tech.

Spotlight on Democracy: The Unbreakable Link Between Transparency and Ethics in Government

In governance, a compelling partnership exists between two pivotal forces – #transparency and #ethics. Delving into the heart of democracy, this article explores the unbreakable link between transparency and ethics, uncovering the key role they play in preserving the integrity of our government and fostering public trust.

Pitch to Win: Making Your Proposals Successful

Innovation starts with ideas, and you’ve got plenty of good ones. But getting them across to decision-makers can seem daunting. It doesn’t need to be. Giving a good pitch involves techniques and skills that you can learn and practice. We asked two innovation experts to share what works. Choose Winning Ideas “You’re not going toRead… Read more »