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8 Important Career Tips from GovLoop’s Founder

As part of today’s Government Innovator’s Virtual Summit, we heard from GovLoop President and Founder Steve Ressler has he conducted a career advice live chat for audience members. Ressler gave us a variety of awesome career tips — below are eight questions the audience asked, and Ressler’s advice. #1: What’s your best networking tip? Ressler said… Read more »


What You Need To Know About LinkedIn Publisher

Do you want to get more visibility on LinkedIn? Recruiters, potential business partners, and possible leads are searching LinkedIn for people like you – is your profile being found? LinkedIn isn’t just a static site to post your resume or search for jobs, and it’s not just a virtual Rolodex. It’s become a social network… Read more »


National Training for Federally Employed Women

As we’ve said in earlier GovFem posts, professional women benefit from having a strong network, increased training opportunities, and a forum to discuss their specific career needs. But, in this ever-changing, fast-paced microwave society, it can be challenging to reach these objectives, especially because today’s woman is expected to simultaneously focus on the day-to-day demands… Read more »


Join GovLoop’s Government Innovators Virtual Summit — Today!

GovLoop’s 4th Annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit is helping you piece together the government tech puzzle. Join us today, April 22nd, from 10:00AM/7AM PT to 5PM/2PM PT to get real tips to tackle some of government’s biggest challenges. We know turning your data into meaningful information can lead to big changes, but how do you actually make sense… Read more »

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11 Ways to Achieve Work-Life Balance

Over the past few years, federal agencies have been encouraged to support programs that promote work-life balance. According to a presidential memo issued last June, “To attract, empower, and retain a talented and productive workforce in the 21st century, the Federal Government must continue to make progress in enabling employees to balance their responsibilities at… Read more »


New Policies and Experiments for Gov Learning

Unsurprisingly, a number of learning professionals attended today’s GovLoop event, The Future of Learning in Government. Our closing keynote speaker, Sydney Smith-Heimbrock, PhD and Chief Learning Officer at OPM, started off by giving them high praise. “Learning professionals are my favorite people,” she said. “Why? Because you all live every day doing more with nothing.”… Read more »


Challenges in Cooking Ham & Training Govies

Delicious smells permeate the kitchen as a daughter watches her mother cook a Thanksgiving ham. She’s intrigued by her mother’s process, especially as she cuts off both ends of the ham before placing it in the oven. “Why do you cut off both ends before putting the ham in the oven, mom?” the girls asks…. Read more »