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The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

Aspiring front-line managers often ask me, “What would you do as a front-line manager the first week on the job.” I tell them I would start having conversations with my team members that foster emotional connections. The first questions I would ask my direct reports are, “What is your personality and temperament, what are strengths… Read more »

Businessmen And Businesswomen Meeting To Discuss Ideas

Technology-Focused Career Options for Women: Virtually Limitless

In Women in Technology: Promoting a Broader Perspective, I argued that women can make strong contributions in technology-focused areas without being employed by technology firms or educated and trained in technology-related fields. This piece extends those ideas by highlighting the diversity of career options for women available in the Digital Era. Although well intentioned and certainly important, emphasizing… Read more »


Female Feds: What’s in Store for Your Financial Future?

By Abigail Reid, Writer-Editor, Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board Recently, the Thrift Savings Plan examined gender differences in retirement saving among Federal employees. For the first time, we segmented data from our annual Participant Behavior and Demographics Report by gender, in addition to factors like age and length of tenure. Considering that March is Women’s… Read more »

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Innovation and Adaptibility in Organizational Culture

Have you ever heard of buzzword bingo? Where you and your co-workers make a bingo card of words or phrases like “touch base” and “data driven” and “Scalable” and “Proactive” and “Paradigm,” then head into a meeting and see who can hit a bingo? Well, it’s a real thing. I mention it because buzzword bingo… Read more »


Organic Mentoring: Growing Mentoring Relationships Naturally

For every Luke Skywalker there is an Obi-Wan Kenobi (or Yoda) and for every Justin Bieber there is an Usher. These pairs each shared a mentor-mentee relationship. Without this special bond, neither party would have achieved the accomplishments (I use the term accomplishments loosely for our latter mentee subject) they are so well known for… Read more »