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Keeping Up Employee Morale

It’s no new news. Employee engagement and employee morale in government are at an all time low. A recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report quantifies a drop in what is known as the employee engagement index (EEI). According to the report, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM’s) index dropped from 67 percent in 2011 to… Read more »


Checklist: Join These 10 Groups To Boost Your Career

Involvement in “extracurricular activities” at work is a good way to learn new skills, expand your network and boost your government career. Always make sure your supervisor signs off on your participation in such activities. Below is a list of 10 activities you should consider raising your hand to participate. Agency professional network: Most federal… Read more »


Improving In-Person Communication In The Digital Age

How many ways do you interact with your coworkers during the day? Email, instant messenger, phone calls, texts, passive aggressive notes in the kitchen – chances are you use most of these every day. (Though hopefully not the passive aggressive notes!) Technology has gives us more and more tools to communicate with our coworkers without speaking… Read more »

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Choosing your Battles: Tips to Survive Workplace Conflict  

Conflict is uncomfortable, sometimes unavoidable.  Different personalities could make for a dynamic work environment.  Tension is bound to occur when you spend 40-plus hours a week in the same place. You should self-evaluate before you start a verbal firestorm. Ask yourself how you contributed to the problem and what will you do differently to prevent… Read more »

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Building Your Own Creative Space at Work

While there are many aspects of my detail to The Innovation Lab at the Office of Personnel Management that I enjoy, one of my favorites is access to the Lab’s space in the sub-basement of OPM’s Theodore Roosevelt Federal Building. The space is a dream for those seeking a creative and collaborative work environment. For… Read more »

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5 Steps to Be a Stellar Team Player

Teamwork and building effective partnerships are par for the course in almost every work environment. As we are continuously challenged to do more with less learning how to effectively manage our partnerships and be a stellar team player are essential to our success. How do we make the most of every partnership to ensure success… Read more »