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Humanizing the Way Government Tackles Insider Threats

Insider threats are some of the most pernicious risks to government and can do grave damage to national security. Using tools that better spot suspicious human behavior can help. Learn what cognitive computing is, how it works and how you can leverage entity-centric analytics to be more proactive in preventing insider threats.

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The Threat Within – Is it you?

To understand how agencies can better tackle potential insider threats, we heard from Jay White, Director of the Security Services Division for the Mississippi Dept. of Information Technology Services, and David Geick, Director of IT Security Services DAS/BEST for the state of Connecticut. They suggested four tactics for increasing agency security from intentional or malicious… Read more »


Are You Cyber Ready?

Cybersecurity is embedded in government. It affects the way the average employee logs into their computer, accesses email, and even uses the internet. However, many employees are still behind in the cyber arena. So what security trainings should employees know about? What is good basic cyber hygiene for the workforce? And how should agencies explore… Read more »

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Assess Your Agency Before Operationalizing Security

Because many agencies rely on tools that don’t meet current needs, the first step to operationalizing security is actually not to start implementing changes for the future. Instead, take the time to assess the current threat landscape of your agency related directly to your mission and its associated important assets, as well as the tools… Read more »