Federal Talent Acquisition and Performance Management — People Analytics is the Way Forward

When I talk with federal human capital officers about some of the challenges agencies face confronting the prospect of moving toward a more analytical approach to federal talent acquisition and federal performance management, here’s some of what I hear: – “I know it’s important, but the thought of really ‘doing’ Talent or People Analytics is… Read more »

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Project Management: The Missing Link of Acquisition Reform

An article published this week on Federal Computer Week highlights the woeful state of the project management capability that currently exists in the federal government, and how attention needs to be paid to this critical government management function. In the article, is once again the punching bag for the model program of what a federal… Read more »

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Connecting with ITS

If you’re a regular reader of the ITS blog, you already know that we provide the government IT and acquisition communities with private-sector solutions for everything from simple IT commodities to complex infrastructure and emerging technology. Now, we’ve made it even easier for government buyers and our industry partners to get the information they need,… Read more »

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The Capabilities, Convenience and Cost of Federal Talent Acquisition Systems

A look into how and why one HR technology has managed to dominate the Federal talent acquisition market despite increasing numbers of competitors, their superior capabilities, and the Economy Act. The US Federal Government’s recruitment processes have been supported by HR technologies more than any other HR function.  They have become indispensable tools to help… Read more »

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Small Businesses: Let Gov Help You!

There are loads of benefits to supporting small businesses. They can be friendlier, more transparent, more accessible, and less hierarchical. Plus, they can provide the government with great services – just as good as larger businesses who engage in acquisitions with the U.S. government. The only caveat is that small businesses need a little bit… Read more »


Can The Federal Government Innovate IT Buying? Yes, If…

On March 27, 2015, OMB posted a job announcement for the first-ever Information Technology Category Manager. Category management is the Federal Government’s approach to rationalizing and streamlining acquisitions. The IT Category Manager (ITCM) will be responsible for managing IT acquisition as a category, for the first time. Kudos to OMB, OFPP, the Federal CIO, GSA,… Read more »

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What Innovating Acquisition Should Mean – And Should Not

Talk of innovating Federal acquisition is widespread. Change is needed, and many smart people are hard at work on it. Confusion accompanies the conversation, however, and clarification is needed. If you’re involved in an acquisition innovation effort, ask yourself the following questions. What do we mean by innovating acquisition? Broadly, it seems the government can… Read more »