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Good Witch vs Bad Witch:The Fine Art of Setting Boundaries

Communication is important to just about every aspect of my job as a public affairs specialist. I eat it, breathe it and sleep it. Yet, it’s always something I’m constantly fine-tuning. How should I say this? What’s the best way to relay this message? Are we effectively reaching our audience? Wherever I go, I always try… Read more »


Esri Unites the World with New ArcGIS Mapping System

Esri is a company that strives to create products that will better the world. Their most recent accomplishment is called: the Global Ecological Land Units (Global ELU) map. This new technology co-created with Roger Sayre of the US Geological Survey (USGS) is meant to help users see the world in a new organized way while… Read more »

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We’re All Becoming Tech Workers… And We Need to Be Ready

As the Digital Era continues to progress, social and digital technologies will become more fully integrated into not just the work we do, but how we do it. Although external applications such as marketing, sales, and customer service have dominated adoption activities and discussions to date (particularly in the context of consumer goods and services),… Read more »

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Reviewing Government Customer Service

Usually, when we hear the word ‘customer’, we think of patrons of for-profit businesses that provide services, ranging from Walmart, to small local coffee shops, all the way to Bain & Co. However, the U.S. government has customers as well – they’re just not often referred to as customers, because they compromise the whole population…. Read more »

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Calling All Writers! Be a GovLoop Featured Blogger

At GovLoop, we pride ourselves on our community. There are over 150,000 of you — government employees, industry partners, and knowledge experts — who are extremely engaged. You comment on nearly a thousand posts and discussions each month. You talk to each other in the comments about your experiences, dreams and tips. You share your… Read more »


Someone’s Health Depends on It: A Guide to Digital Health Communication for Every Audience

By Amy Sanders Only 12% of the U.S. population have the skills needed to obtain, process, and understand health information (NAAL). This statistic is staggering when you consider how many people consume health information online; according to Pew, 72% of internet users say they looked online for health information within the past year. What does… Read more »

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The FY 2016 Budget: Details Worth a Look

The Administration’s FY 2016 budget proposal shows that it is committed to creating capacity and sustainability for performance-and-results based government. It’s all in the details. Beyond the dollars in the President’s budget, there are some details buried in congressional justifications that are worth examining. I think there are three sets of initiatives – that for… Read more »

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Talkin’ Pretty: Design and Accessibility

We’ve got a new twist this week, folks. Since I’ve been blogging mostly about accessibility, I wanted to talk with someone who approaches accessibility from a different perspective than a subject matter expert. I met with a designer who works for a federal government agency and has a refreshing outlook on design and accessibility. She… Read more »