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What’s The Government’s GPA? Part II

As discussed yesterday in part one of this interview, there is a lot to recommend testing government agencies to glean quantifiable results or grades. Having numerical values to analyze the government’s performance allows for a better understanding of the status quo, and improved decision-making. Deloitte University Press recently authored a report entitled “Accountability Quantified: What… Read more »

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The Color of a Dress & Public Perception

What color is this dress?  Black and Blue? Gold and White?  Something else? Like thousands of others, you’ve probably already responded to the social media sensation about perception over the course of the last week. Did any of you get the correct answer? Perception is also incredibly important in the government community–not only to our employees, but… Read more »

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The 13 Most Bizarre .Gov Domains

What does the U.S. government need with 5,300 domains? Because that’s how many there are on 18F’s complete list of .gov domains. There are plenty of oddball URLs that will have you scratching your head and wondering: What were they thinking? Some domains have no website in place. We’re left to guess—or Google—if these parked domains were registered for campaigns… Read more »


Workplace Violence/Harassment Policies

Better To Be Prepared… Than Being Accused of Not Being Responsive To… “Shhh… ! We don’t discuss this here. Besides, it will never happen..” What am I alluding to, here? Workplace Violence. Even though we are all familiar with the phrase “going postal,” does your agency have a formal, up-to-date, policy regarding this type of situation? How about… Read more »


Navigating the People, Process and Technology of Big Data

The following is an interview with Mark A. Johnson, Director, Public Sector Big Data Program at Oracle. To learn more about how your agency can excel with big data, be sure to check out our guide: The Big Data Playbook for Government.  Although big data has the potential to radically redefine government operations, organizations still face significant… Read more »

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There’s a lot of power in being able to say exactly and numerically just how smart and successful you are. For instance, certain job applications have minimum college GPA requirements. Alternately, who hasn’t been amongst friends when the loaded discussion of SAT scores surfaces? Contentious or not, it’s important tool for professional development (and bragging… Read more »

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Measuring Creativity: Part Two

Last week we looked at indicators that might be measured in relation to factors that can foster creativity and innovation in organisations. In this post we’ll consider possible measures of creative activity and the outcomes of creativity. Creative activity The measurement of creativity itself is arguably about monitoring ideas that are generated. This can be… Read more »