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Behind The Screen: Sabrina DeLay from HUD

At GovLoop, we’re always looking for tips and tricks to enhance productivity at the office. However, time management and career learning and development don’t have to be as dry and boring as they sound. For inspiration, we’re reaching out to GovLoop audience members, asking them to give us a run-down of their daily habits and… Read more »

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Creating a Performance-and-Results Culture in Your Agency

How do you create a performance-and-results culture in your agency? Background. Over the past two decades, the performance movement has made steady progress. It has resulted in a focus on performance and results via strategic and annual operating plans, a supply of performance information to track progress of these plans; a demand for performance information… Read more »

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Government Secrets Bared!

Just how easy is it to get government agencies to bare their secrets? The Center for Effective Government recently came out with its yearly scorecard assessing the fifteen government agencies on their adherence to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Sean Moulton, Director of Open Government Policy at the Center for Effective Government, spoke with… Read more »

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Wanted: Pure, Rational and Patient Public Servants

In early February, I shared my alarm over the public’s apparent lack of trust in their public servants. As reported in a U.S. Conference of Mayors/Zogby Analytics national survey, people trusted small business owners and young persons fresh out of grad school, in that order, to guide them through the challenges of the 21st Century…. Read more »

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Barriers to Success in Data Management

This post is an excerpt from GovLoop’s recent research brief, Storing the Data to Power Your Agency. In the brief, we explore the data management challenges currently confronting agencies and explain how flash-based storage solutions can help overcome those barriers. Agencies attempting to meet new demands for increased analytics, mobility, and virtualization often find that their IT infrastructures aren’t… Read more »

NJ Data 100 Fellows

New Jersey’s 100 Data Fellows

If evidence-based decision-making is all the rage in government these days, how do agencies develop the skills to conduct such analyses? And how do agencies create a culture to support this management approach so it isn’t just another flavor-of-the-month fad? New Jersey’s child welfare system may have cracked the code. A new report for the… Read more »

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Why We Love To Hate “Public Affairs”

Over the past eleven years, I’ve worked in a communications capacity for five federal agencies. Chaired a best practice group for federal communicators across the government. And interacted with colleagues on task forces, working groups and listservs. They’re just as smart and capable as their private-sector counterparts. I’ve talked with many of them personally, too…. Read more »