How Open Source Can Help Overcome Government’s Biggest Challenges

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Open source has become important for solving complicated issues in areas as different as education, energy and health. Meanwhile, the federal government provides about $60 billion annually in funding for scientific research. With traditional research moving slowly and the number and complexity of government challenges increasing by the day, agencies should consider applying open source technology to research. Advances in technology enabling inexpensive, massive data collection combined with the emergence of the quantified self and crowdsourcing makes these applications closer to reality than ever.

But where do these agencies begin? How can you take advantage of open source technologies to become more efficient in speeding up research in the health and science arenas?

Register for the on-demand training to learn the latest in open source software and how it is propelling government forward. Specifically, we’ll share:

  • A case study from Oak Ridge National Laboratory and how they deployed OpenStack.
  • Benefits of an open source strategy to meet government’s biggest health, science and data challenges.
  • Best practices, lessons learned and answers to common misconceptions when it comes to open source technology.

Join us to hear what’s next for open source and how it can be applied to help advance research in all areas of government – from health to the environment and more.

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