Transforming Asset Management: Maximizing Your Budget with Predictive Data

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If you’ve ever managed and maintained property assets, you know it takes a lot of patience, capital and planning. Now consider the government’s property landscape. The federal government alone owns more than 52 percent of all the land in the U.S.

The government is tasked with fulfilling policy and reporting mandates while effectively utilizing limited maintenance and capital reinvestment funding. New advanced technology platforms and predictive cost data based on advanced analytics are poised to transform the real property asset management enterprise, resulting in improved budgeting accuracy and decision making. With these tools, the government can better predict and plan their real property assets portfolio. So how can your agency start using these tools and methods?

Join us for an on-demand training as our experts explain how the new predictive approaches work and demonstrate how the evolving data and technology produces better insights and more accurate costs, enabling government to be more efficient with limited funding.

You will learn how:

  • Predictive approaches to asset management are transforming real property management.
  • One federal agency is changing the way they quantify and report deferred maintenance and capital reinvestment needs.
  • Predictive cost data improves budgeting accuracy by forecasting the volatile materials and market-specific labor costs that determine construction and renovation costs.