Transforming IT Operations to Deliver Efficient Business Services

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Citizens are counting on agencies and IT departments to deliver new services faster — and to keep them running. But limited visibility into services and the dependencies that support them could stand between you and those goals. IT operations management can help.

A single system of record is the most effective way to gain insight into services being delivered across the enterprise. This approach provides visibility system performance, allows for automation of key processes and delivers a service-centric approach to operations management.

Join government and industry experts on-demand to learn:

  • How you can significantly improve your agency’s visibility, availability, and agility in delivering services.
  • Where you are in the IT operations management maturity model and how to grow your vision and planning for future success.
  • What steps you should take to improve optimization and prioritization.

Speakers include:

  • Trey Hodgkins, Senior Vice President, Public Sector, ITIC

  • Craig Chapman, Sales Manager and Customer Champion, ServiceNow