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New to GovLoop? Check out our Welcome and Orientation video below:

If you're new to GovLoop, below are the first five steps we recommend you take:
1. Post a profile photo. Click here for a blog post that tells you how to do it.
2. Complete your profile. Go to Settings and you can make all the adjustments.
3. Find 5 friends. Don't know how to search for people on GovLoop? Learn here.
4. Join 3 groups. You can get started here. Use the search function for best results!
5. Invite 5 friends to join. Here's a nifty video that show you how to do it.
Extra Credit: Read the Engagement Guidelines.

A few other resources that we've created to help you with the site:

How-To: Find Cool People

How-To: Find Awesome Content

How-To: Invite Colleagues to Join

Blogs, Groups and Forums?

How-To: Set Up Groups and Events

How-To: Embed a Video

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