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1) The purpose of the site is to share knowledge, solve problems, and make connections. There are areas of the site set aside for advertising and sponsorship. Where a sponsor has paid to share content, GovLoop will do its best to make this clear. GovLoop may revoke membership privileges for anyone advertising services or products in areas of the site that are not set aside for sponsors. Contact to learn about sponsorship opportunities.

Events that are relevant to the GovLoop community can be listed in the event section of the website at no charge, but cannot be advertised or promoted in other areas. GovLoop requests that anyone sharing information on a particular topic make clear where they have a monetary interest in the information they are sharing. For example: if you work for a software company that provides on-demand video services, you should make a note of your employment at the company when commenting on issues related to the service.

2) Groups, Wikis, Discussion Forums, Blogs, and other services are for the sole purpose of knowledge sharing, problem solving and making connections. Any Groups, Wikis, Discussion Forums, or Blogs setup to promote companies or services should be setup through the GovLoop Partner Program and should be clearly labeled as sponsored groups. Contact for more information.

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