GovLoop provides tons of free resources to our community of over 200,000 federal, state and local government employees. Here are some of the great things they had to say about GovLoop.

“I enjoy reading GovLoop and appreciate the opportunity to learn from so many others in government.”

— Jennifer, Department of Conservation and Recreation, Richmond, Virginia

“You (GovLoop) wouldn’t know how great you and your material content have been and the role that has played and continue to play in my professional and personal life. It is just absolutely fantastic. I run out of time in the office, so I read and reread GovLoop at home after office hours. It is mind boggling the amount of research that is taking place in cybersecurity and cloud computing. You are my prime source. I would like to keep myself current, and I try to read most of what I come across.”

— Staff Analyst for New York City Administration for Children Services

“As a constant follower of GovLoop, the amount of information and support given is a tremendous help. From the guides (big data and more) to blogs on career advice, I am often inspired with ideas and a greater desire to take action to improve in several ways. So, I am looking forward to attending the Next Generation of Government Training Summit to be able to continue to ignite the flame toward improving government.”

— Kristie, National Institutes of Health

“I am so thankful I stumbled on GovLoop a few years ago… I literally reference something I learn through this organization almost every day.”

— Frank, Local Government

“I receive emails from several outlets in order to stay on top of current topics, information, and technology. By far, GovLoop is the BEST! I have eliminated some of the other emails and really just focus on yours! You take pride in your work. You provide accurate data!! The professionalism and talent that you have is amazing and it shows! Great job getting speakers for your online trainings. I appreciate the opportunities to provide input when you send out requests! Thank you for all that you do. Thank you for the information that you provide. You make my job and life so much easier! I want to use some of your recorded trainings for our company trainings! So, thank you for providing those to us!”

— Katherine, Department of Agriculture

“I am getting a tremendous amount of insight and encouragement through GovLoop resources and online trainings. I appreciate your group’s work very much.”

-– Frank, Tourism, Parks & Recreation

“Thank you again. I’m such a huge fan of GovLoop. I tell everyone I know about the excellent resources and trainings that are available. You guys (and gals) are awesome!”

— GovLoop member

“Thanks for all that you guys do. I’m totally a fan. I’m so glad I found you. I’ve learned more in the short time I’ve been involved with GovLoop that in all my years of government service. I can’t thank you enough for all of the incredible resources you offer.”

— GovLoop member

“GovLoop is awesome! In a world of limited training dollars this website delivers great bang for the buck!!!”

— GovLoop member

“You have been spot on for me so far. As soon as I identified a need, I received an email from you offering a guide or training for it. Keep up the great work!”

— GovLoop member