Community of Practice

AGVE leverages the collective knowledge of a networked community of practitioners who specialize in virtual engagement technologies, event planning and management, AV production, cyber security, SaaS design and development, content curation, mobile strategies, Smart Data, GIS initiatives, and others to develop peer-reviewed practices and resolve barriers to use.


Benefits of Representation within the Community of Practice:

  • Participate in the public/private sector dialogue to learn what challenges your vendors/customers face, and what the opportunities are to overcome them
  • Participate in the knowledge transfer regarding cyber-security and interoperability required for government use of virtual engagement technology
  • Participate in “tech foraging” in which government personnel evaluate emerging technologies for applicability to their virtual engagement requirements


Areas of Focus


As use of virtual engagement technologies become more widely utilized by government entities, compatibility among software applications and integrated services will become a topic of ever-increasing importance. Collective knowledge on integration needs and standardization for government will inform and direct a simplified solution.


Professional Development

Equally important is the need for staff, contractors and partners to effectively plan, manage and facilitate virtual engagements using unilateral standards and practices that are viable across government agency lines. Educational materials will be sourced through the open collaboration of virtual engagement practitioners, culminating in the development of standards and evolving best practices that will produce a professional designation.


Solutions Strategies

A simplified and streamlined process for identifying technological needs and best practices for virtual engagements is vital to effectively plan and execute these initiatives successfully. The Community of Practice will develop resources such as directories, comparison tools, and planning and analytic tools to fulfill these requirements.


Who Can Join

  • Both staff and contractors – within federal, state, territorial and local governments who are practitioners of virtual engagement technology solutions, or responsible for planning conferences and events.
  • Partners of government entities – such as non-profit and for-profit associations and organizations.
  • Virtual technology service providers and consulting firms that service government entities.