32 Essential Metrics for Monitoring and Managing Your Organization’s Brand

Show me some numbers is a phrase that echoes through the halls of every advertising, marketing, P.R. and public affairs office nowadays, and for good reason.

Just a decade ago, the request might have been Make up some numbers. But with the rise of digital publishing, Web advertising and social media — all of which can be tracked at a click-by-click level with considerable accuracy — there’s no more need to fudge the numbers. You can’t get away with it, anyway. Throughout the business world, government and nonprofit sector, people are savvy enough to know what can be tracked, and they expect an honest accounting.

Over on OhMyGov today, I put forth 32 metrics that can be used to measure the health and reach of a brand. While we don’t think of a government agency or political leader foremost as a “brand,” the term is a useful shorthand for the overall power, familiarity and influence of these offices, and that’s the way I intended it to read.

2. Web Satisfaction Surveys

3. Web traffic statistics

7. News coverage volume

11. YouTube views

13. Volume of Facebook “Likes” and Comments

15. Volume of Twitter retweets

18. Polls

19. Attendance at events you sponsor

20. Event and conference speaking invitations

22. Appearances in “Best of” lists

26. PageRank

27. Presence of advertising on Google searches for your brand

32. Growth rate of Twitter and Facebook fans

See the full list over at OhMyGov:


Would love to hear if you’ve had success with these 32, or other metrics in your gov organizations.

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