Are there any original social media/Web 2.0 thoughts left?

I find myself repeating the same basic concepts. Nothing wrong with that; most of the world hasn’t heard them (and certainly most of EPA hasn’t).

Ideally, we on the Social Media Subcouncil want to know all of those concepts so we can share them with our government colleagues.

So I have this idea to create a wiki page where we can collect all those thoughts and produce a single list. It’ll never be totally up-to-date, but it’ll come close.

Stay tuned.

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A good idea. And happy to leverage where I can. Alice uploaded a doc of web 2.0 resources that I put up on the GovLoop Knowledge – Gov 2.0 page at the bottom. Next to your subcouncil wiki.

Jeffrey Levy

Wow. That’s some doc, Steve. My ideal for the Subcouncil is to produce a “best of” list for many different topics, as opposed to overwhelming folks with 2000 options. Thanks for creating the web 2.0 knowledge page – it already provided me many new people to follow on Twitter, and I can see there’s plenty more reading for me to do.