Bayer-Pacht on the Computerization of Land Records

Emily Bayer-Pacht of Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law has published a note entitled The Computerization of Land Records: How Advances in Recording Systems Affect the Rationale Behind Some Existing Chain of Title Doctrine, 32 Cardozo Law Review 337 (2010) (Issue No. 1). Here is a summary:

Part I of this Note provides background information on the transition to computerized recording systems. Part II describes the recording process. Part III gives a detailed explanation of the four chain of title doctrines reviewed herein (the wild deed doctrine, the Morse rule, the Luthi rule, and the Spring Lakes rule). Part IV explores the status of computerized recording systems throughout the United States. Part V examines the effects of the computerized systems on these doctrines. Part VI discusses the kinds of changes that should be made to these doctrines and the best mechanisms for effecting this change.

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