Boston gears up for Hubway

With the Hubway bicycle-sharing program set to start next week, Boston planners are setting the final locations for about 60 docking stations, which will house about 600 bikes. For now, the program will concentrate on downtown locations and adjacent neighborhoods with high concentrations of workers, shoppers, transit commuters, and tourists. “We really want to keep stations every two- to four-hundred yards,” said Nicole Freedman, the city’s director of bicycle programs. “When you start to spread it out, functionality is not as good.” Because the kiosks are not anchored to the ground, the city can move them to respond to changing demand or neighbor complaints. Annual memberships are $85, which covers rentals of 30 minutes or less. After the initial half hour, riders pay an additional fee (but they get an extra 15 minutes if the drop-off docking station is full.) Link to full story in The Boston Globe.

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