Communicating Your Personal and Organizational Values

With the President’s State of the Union address behind us, let’s play a little bit of “Monday morning quarterbacking”. Regardless of political affiliation (I know, easier said than done), could you feel when he was thinking his speech and when he was feeling it?

Were there passages for you that felt heartfelt and passionate?

When you communicate to your “troops”, be they employees, contractors or clients, are you passionate about expressing the core values that motivate you?

While it’s a business tenet that emotion doesn’t belong in the boardroom, there ARE topics that are best communicated with a bit of emotion. What you stand for; what drives you; your organizational vision: because while business functions best with IQ skills, PEOPLE function best with EQ skills.

If effective communication can be described as the process of a listener hearing, understanding and processing what a speaker is saying, does your communication meet those parameters? Do your key executives communicate effectively, as well? If effective communication can be described as above, than effective leadership moves those listeners to a desired action and outcome.

I believe this is the ultimate takeaway from the State of the Union address. What ACTIONS will occur? Do you motivate your team to act on your vision, by virtue of the passion with which you communicate?

What did you learn from the President’s State of the Union address?

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