Corning Helps Us All Think Through Our Requirements And Capabilities

If we can think through the pros and cons of the current technological path we are on we can make adjustments and decide what to accelerate into our lives. That is why thought leaders who are responsible for making business cases for technology or for stating advanced requirements are always looking for good articulations of their vision to help them dialog with techies.

A really great articulation of the near term possibility of future computing and interfaces into IT was recently produced by Corning. It is well worth a view by anyone in IT or any user who wants to build visions/requirements for technology. It is embedded below and at:

That is a cool look at the future. One thing bugged me a bit about the future, however. Everyone in Corning’s version of the future is tall, skinny and good looking. What happens to people like me in their world?

Hmmm. Maybe I don’t like their vision so much after all.

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