Costs for acquisition

I have witnessed some abuses of what I call the misuse of government spending and when I mention it the reply is that is the way they do it. The supply area needs to make money to pay their employees. The supply are get paid by the Gov. and they are a separate entity and need to make their income. I understand that ‘they’ get paid by the Gov and receive benefits from Gov. but are still separate to make their own budget.

When we order parts/supplies from the center thatdept orders them from one of the most expensive supplers around. Many times I can go next door or just down the street and purchase the same item at a 20 to 90 percent savings.

Sometimes the answer is because it comes from a different pot of funds. But yet it is all Government money. Most of that ordering/spending cost from 30 to 75 percent more.

Also I believe ther are some areas re: gas, maint for vehicles that could be negotiated with a number of suppliers for a discount and try to use two or more of them for purchases if convenient. I used to see fellow employees purchase gas in particular at 15 to 30 cents more for gas because it was there where they could have driven one or two blocks and save the difference in price. The same applies to supply stores.

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