Crowdrise, CraigConnects and You: A way to make your donation go further


If you are a technologist you probably know of Craig Newmark. Craig’s focus on community and collegial action resulted in the site Craigslist, now one of the most visited sites on the net. He is also, by all measures, a nice person who devotes a significant amount of his time and energy to helping others. He has helped the government think through ways to use technology to better serve citizens, has helped veteran’s groups and veteran’s causes, and has also been a very quick mover in getting donations going for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Thanks Craig for all of that.

Also thanks to Craig I discovered a new platform for charitable giving called Crowdrise. They are doing many good things and can enable you to use their platform to ether raise money for a wide range of charities or donate or a combination of the two. Crowdrise will be part of CTOvision/CrucialPoint giving in the future. You may want to check it out yourself.

But let me talk more about Craig and Hurricane Sandy relief: Craig has set up a matching program with crowdrise that can make your donations to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts go further. In an incredibly positive move, Craig is matching the next $25,000.00 of donations to the storm relief efforts. This means that if you donate through that site your money goes further. This is a great way to help make a fast difference.

Fore more see:

Craig you are an example for us all. Thanks!

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