DrupalCon 2013 – Buenos Aires Digital Strategy

It’s hard to try to put in words what your experiences has been at a conference, when time pass (10 days) so fast.

The Government has that effect, it’s like a vortex, you lose track of time, your days seems to fly and it’s hard to stop and watch the path you had walked.

So… there I was.. 11,000km away from home.

On the 21th of May I landed at Drupalcon with the idea of speaking about what we have done at Buenos Aires City

This is the video of my talk: http://youtu.be/WkMW38p-v8M

I tried to be honest, we accomplish to transform 400 websites into just one single drupal installation, all made inside government, no contractors or huge amounts of money. Just coffee, Coders and designers.

BA web strategy it’s not different from the awesome job others administrations are doing all over the world, from the White House, Chicago, San Francisco, NYC, UK, Paris, London, Honolulu, Boston to Chile.

Our goal is not having a cool and useful website.

Governments organization thinks the same way for the last 100 years, our goal is to change that.

Using technology as a tool, trying to close the gap between the citizens and the government so we can build a community inside the organization that understand that’s the key for a smart government.

It’s not about the apps, It’s about the Community.

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