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EcoCAR 2 – proud to be part of it

Our little company has been chosen to provide project management (PM) training for the 15 teams of university students who are in the EcoCar 2 Challenge.

You can read more about EcoCar2 here, and about our involvement here.

We are thrilled to be part of this effort, and wonder why it doesn’t get more press, especially with General Motors providing the 2013 Malibus and the Department of Energy’s Argonne Labs at the forefront of the project. Seems to me that this is a real win-win which more folks need to hear about.

As we get further involved we’ll be posting on our EarthPM blog – and here – what we take away from the program.

In the meantime, we think it’s worth your while to learn a little about the good that government is doing here!

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Josh Nankivel

Excellent Rich, and welcome to Govloop! I’m inspired by this partnering of government (DOE and Universities around the country) and private partnerships with the likes of GM and EarthPM.