Forage City Workshop

Joel brings Monster downstairs so we have enough computers.

Eddie installs a 30 day trial version of Adobe Illustrator on his machine so we have enough computers running Illustrator.

Youth Radio arrives.

Youth Radio has started a branch that is trying to teach young people how to design Apps. Their first App is called Forage City. It’s a tool that helps redistribute excess produce to people in need.

Everyone eyes the fruit. We tell them it is not for eating… yet.

Alicia offers beverages.
Somebody asks “Do you have soda?”

Dante, Isaiah, Kenny, and Kristina are high school students from Oakland. We tell them to each grab a computer.

Kenny calls dibs on Monster.

Alicia explains the difference between an icon and a logo.
She shows the oldest copyrighted logo :

Names of fruits have been written on slips of paper, folded up and placed into a salad spinner. Everybody picks a paper and starts to draw the fruit they chose.

Alicia tells me she feels bad for giving the students Sprite.

Pencils are switched for the pen tool of Adobe Illustrator.

Anchor points and bézier curves are explained.

Kristina’s making Lemons. Kenny is drawing an avocado. Isaiah has moved on from a plum to a cherry, and Dante is tackling corn.

The fruit is eaten.

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