GovBytes: New App Helps Investigations in Remote Locations

A new mobile app called “PocketCop” was created in order to help members of the US Fish and Wildlife service partner with police stations, and identify the full criminal record of any person upon encountering them. These FWS officers used to have to call local police stations to obtain information, but now they are now fully connected to the FBI National Crime Information Center database.

This app reports both major and minor crimes, and how often these crimes have been committed. Other capabilities include running gun serial ID numbers and license plate registration information. David Nicely, refuge officer with FWS, says that this app also acts as a deterrent. When people see that the officers have this technology they are more willing to give up the information themselves and be more cooperative.

“I would have never dreamed that I could check a hunter in the middle of a duck blind in a big marsh and maybe I have a feeling or cop intuition that something isn’t right, I could do the background check right there in the field,” Nicely said. “Now we can and that is a big plus.”

PocketCop will also help protect our officers in these remote locations. The “Officer Needs Assistance” (ONA) button immediately alerts other officers in the area that an officer needs help, complete with a GPS location.

What do you think of this app? Do you think it will help improve our law enforcement and homeland security?

Mobile App Improving Officer Safety & Connectivity


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