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Our sister site,, hosts a curated list of firms we believe provide the most virtuous, mission-focused, positively disruptive technologies available to enterprises today. We maintain this directory as a reference for technology professionals.

We find firms to include on this list by casting a wide net. We talk with other technology professionals from around the globe, we track the companies that the greatest venture capital firms are investing in, we scour news reports and press releases, and generally keep our eyes and ears open for capabilities that have significant differentiation in the market.

But we find the greatest source of new information comes from our readers. Your contributions by e-mail, phone, text and tweet are of critical importance to this directory and are much appreciated.

If you encounter a firm we should evaluate for possible inclusion in the Company Directory please Submit It Here. We will evaluated it, summarize it and if it is a fit assign it to the right directory and make it available for enterprise technologists seeking information on new capabilities.

And if you are conducting market research yourself please visit our company directory. Or dive right in by category here:

Analytical Tools

Big Data

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