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How to tackle the job search without the stress

Scouring the marketplace for a new job is stressful under the best of circumstances but you can also turn it into an opportunity. You can take this time to not only improve your job situation but also to improve other aspects of your life, if you can utilize this exciting time without getting overwhelmed by all the pressures that go into this change. I would like to go into some ways I’ve found that really seem to help in the pursuit of new employment. First of all, I think your best approach is to proactively approach organizations you have an interest in working in. Take it serious and research some of the people in the organizations you are looking to join. Make sure you use the successes you have behind you that are quantifiable and unique to give you the competitive edge in your quest. This should be a major selling point.

Even though job searching is a difficult task, it’s one of great importance and should be treated as such. So resolve not to do this thing in a sprint. You need to take your time in order to make the best decision. This is your life you’re talking about and not having a great work situation colors everything else in your life. Expect that this is going to take you around six weeks to resolve, so remember to do it at a pace intended to win the war not the opening battle. Start by making an initial plan that carries you through the next 7-10 days. Identify some key milestones. Here’s a sample timeline:

  • Complete cover letter – Target (Monday by 9PM)
  • Complete resume – Target (Monday by 9PM)
  • Identify 10 target opportunities – (Wednesday by 9PM)
  • Identify 3 people who can help me expand my coverage (Thursday by 9PM)
  • Treat Myself and Relax (Saturday & Sunday, but still get 8 hours sleep)
  • Contact 15 people (The 13 above, plus three based on those conversations (Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • Make a New Plan (Thursday & Friday)

Note: Ask each of these people at the end of the conversation if they know someone else who can help or who you should talk to next. Put this down as a note when you are doing the call. This not only impresses the people you talk to, it is a great way to move the process forward with the best results.

Identify times to rest and relax explicitly. Choose to do something that will take your mind off things but do as part of a schedule and keep it within the schedule. Remember that down time is as important as the time you spend on the go. If you don’t rest you won’t be effective when you are going and you need to be at the top of your game for the next few weeks.

Like I mentioned earlier, making big changes in your career might also be a good time to look into improving the other areas of your life as well. Make sure you get rest you need and eat well. This might be a good time to try the Paleo diet I recommended. Mark’s book is a great start on that and I think if you spend some six weeks on it, you will feel better both mentally and physically. One of the things I have really noticed as I’ve reduced my sugar intake is that I have more stable moods. The combination of job stressors and personal life can grind on you, and eating well and ensuring you get 8 hours of sleep is imperative. Commit to it for the next six weeks while you are trying to transition to a new job.

I’ll finish with this piece of advice – keep the next few weeks as simple as possible. I know that when I have a bunch of moving parts in my life, I sometimes have to focus on just a few and address them so that I can be functional enough to address other issues. I’m sure this isn’t a good move in the longer term if it causes you to avoid dealing with un-healthy area of your life, but sometimes you have to survive before you thrive. I also think that focusing in on just a few things gives you a chance to get things moving in a positive direction by giving you enough resources to overcome that particular set of obstacles. I hope people find this helpful but I’d be curious to know what other people’s thoughts are on the job search process. What advice would you give to someone who is beginning the process of looking for another job?

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Cynthia Hinkle

Thank you for supplying the timeline. Sometimes one forgets to start slow and not jump head first in which only creates the sense of being overwhelmed and stressed.