Is the Instant-On Enterprise Right for You?

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How is your enterprise dealing with Big Data? We’ve written much about the growing benefits and challenges Big Data is posing in the Federal enterprise and have highlighted a number of tools and approaches to addressing issues of big data analytics. While the analytics piece is important and is certainly a significant challenge, there are many other elements of Big Data that can also pose significant challenges. In this post, which is sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP, we lay out a framework for addressing enterprise Big Data challenges based on the Instant-On approach of HP. In future posts we will examine this framework in more detail.

There are fundamental shifts in the way information technology is being used to meet changing business models and mission sets. No where is this more true than in the federal enterprise, where old ways of doing business are changing rapidly. In this new world, the enterprise faces challenges across the full spectrum of information technology and information management. To meet these challenges, only an enterprise-embracing, holistic approach to transformation will deliver the results needed.

This need for a holistic approach is driving approaches such as the HP vision for the “Instant-On Enterprise.” This vision provides a framework and a platform more able to support core business/mission needs. The Instant-On Enterprise approach should be studied for its emphasis on agility and interoperability. It is an aligning of technology to the organizational mission in a way that better addresses the rapidly changing needs of customers and, in the federal case, citizens. It is a model worth exploring as it provides just the sort of comprehensive enterprise view needed to meet many of today’s challenges.

The Instant-On Enterprise delivers on five critical success factors:

Flexibility The Instant-On Enterprise runs on applications and services that are always available and can easily adapt to new opportunities.
Automation The Instant-On Enterprise must rapidly and reliably scale technology resources up and down to meet changing needs. It neither over- nor under-provisions.
Security In the Instant-On Enterprise, assets, resources and information are closely guarded to manage risk and protect innovation. They are protected against failure.
Insight The Instant-On Enterprise harnesses the power of information to help executives make better decisions. It protects information and delivers it in accordance with enterprise needs.
Speed The Instant-On Enterprise selects the best delivery model for the solution—the delivery model that provides the right outcome, in the right time frame, at the right price.

To achieve the Instant-On Enterprise, organizations must modernize, transform, secure, and optimize IT architectures and services while taking advantage of the latest in converged infrastructure, cloud computing and information optimization techniques. Finally, the enterprise must deliver IT products and services in the most cost-effective, efficient means possible to meet increasing customer demand.

We’ll continue to evaluate enterprise solutions (i.e., Application Transformation, Converged Infrastructure, Enterprise Security, Information Optimization, Hybrid Delivery and, Cloud) in the coming weeks.

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This post sponsored by the Enterprise CIO Forum and HP.

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