Make Your Voice Heard! Get Involved with Voices of AFGE 2012!

IMPORTANT: Federal employees should not access the website or send links or materials from this website with a government computer, on duty time or while on federal property. To do so would be a violation of the Hatch Act.

Attacks on government workers and the vital services you provide are at an all-time high and AFGE wants your voices to be heard.

In early August, the Political Action department launched the “Voices of AFGE 2012” to inform AFGE members about where the candidates stand on issues important to the livelihood of government employees and union members.

“Voices of AFGE 2012” is seeking volunteers for this year’s election. Just sending a few emails, making a few phone calls, talking with family and friends about what this election means for federal government employees, or knocking on a few doors can make an incredible difference in ensuring a victory for labor in November.

Volunteer with us and have your voices heard loud and clear. Visit for more information.

Click on the links below to “like” us on Facebook and get involved in your battleground state today.

AFGE Colorado AFGE Michigan AFGE Missouri AFGE Massachusetts AFGE Montana

AFGE Virginia AFGE Ohio AFGE Nevada AFGE New Mexico AFGE Florida

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