More Twitter changes for Metro

More social media changes are coming to the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (DC). The agency recently scooped up the Twitter handle @WMATA and will be migrating users from the current official feed, @MetroOpensDoors. Since hiring Dan Stessel as chief spokesman earlier this summer, WMATA has increased its social media presence. TBDOnFoot writes about the changes:

Stessel engaged riders, joked (responding to offbeat queries, for instance, like the idea of installing a slide alongside the stairs), attempted to race back with answers about the state of different Metro lines, delays, and maintenance, and dove into the question of whether Metro’s prohibition on drinking water came from institutional policy or law.

The announcement of the Twitter transition is the latest in a series of social media changes and comes just a week before WMATA’s new social media manager joins the agency. Link to full story in TBDOnFoot.

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