Open Government Community Summit hosted by NASA

NASA will host an Open Government Community Summit on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 from 9pm – 12:30pm at NASA HQ. The Open Government Community Summit Series is an inter-agency collaborative event hosted by a different agency each month, facilitated by the Open Forum Foundation. The September workshop was hosted by the EPA and the November workshop will be hosted by the OPM. Previous summits and workshops have been hosted by the Department of Transportation, the General Services Administration, the US Department of Agriculture, and the US Department of Treasury.

NASA has a solid schedule planned with a heavy emphasis on remote participation for those that cannot attend in person. The first hour will include presentations from leaders in the Open Government Community as well as remarks from Astronaut Jose Hernandez. The presentations will be streamed on NASA TV and will begin at 9am and conclude at 10am. Afterwards, the participants will move into the collaborative workshop which will take place at NASA HQ and online. Due to the availability of live streaming and Internet access, this will be our most collaborative workshop so far. Registration is required to receive all the information regarding the event, so if you have not registered, do so today!

The focus of the collaborative workship is on agency’s use of open data and the future of the open government community. This summit will provide an opportunity for us to also document the challenges to open government that span multiple agencies, and to take concrete steps toward overcoming them. To be clear, this is not a discussion about NASA’s Open Government Plan, rather its an opportunity for the OpenGov community to spend the day working together on common OpenGov topics.


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I hope to see a set of tangible actions coming out this Summit. The timing is great, just as we are making key decisions about the next fiscal year’s priorities.

Cya online – I’ll be participating remotely…

Andrea Schneider

I’m also looking forward to tomorrow’s Summit and also a remote participant. I hope one of our take aways will be some practical “incubator” Open Gov projects which are not primarily about data/Gov 2.0.
I think we are in danger of losing the bigger and equally important focus on all aspects of OGD including organizational capacity to even do the needed work.
I have a couple of very concrete ideas I hope to put out there for feedback.