Open Source for America Publishes Federal Open Technology Report Card; Rates Agencies on Open Government and Use of Open Technologies


Open Source for America (OSFA), an organization of technology industry leaders, non-government associations, and academic and research institutions promoting the use of open source technologies in the U.S. federal government, today published the results of a study measuring openness in government.

The Federal Open Technology Report Card evaluated key indicators of open government and open technologies developed through online crowd sourcing and refined metrics outlined by the OSFA leadership committee. These included questions regarding public budgets, use of social media, and open source technology practices.

2010 marked the first year federal government agencies were operating under the Directive and Open Government Plans, and the results are promising. Many of the agencies scored well, while others have room for improvement.

The Report Card assigned a percentage grade to the 15 Cabinet-level departments and agencies use of open source technologies, open formats, and technology tools for citizen engagement. Agencies that ranked highest based on the open source technology and open government criteria include:

  • Department of Defense (82 percent)
  • Department of Energy (72 percent)
  • Department of Health and Human Services (55 percent)
  • Department of Homeland Security (55 percent)
  • Department of Transportation (53 percent)

The latter agencies include the Departments of Veterans Affairs (49 percent); Agriculture (47 percent); Housing and Urban Development (45 percent); State (44 percent); Treasury (44 percent); Labor (44 percent); Justice (43 percent); Commerce (40 percent); Education (40 percent); and the Interior (37 percent).

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