Quick Turnaround – Help Define White House Open Government

The White House Open Government/Transparency Initiative online wiki-style comment period extended thru July 3rd:


I just found out about it via Twitter & apologize if this has been covered elsewhere on GovLoop, but I didn’t see any recent posts about it.

Update 06/26/09:

A number of you have told us that there is great excitement about the drafting process in your communities, but that it has taken time to raise awareness about this important effort. We’ve heard you and have decided to extend the time period for drafting and voting.

Drafting of recommendations will now continue through midnight Eastern Friday, July 3rd. Voting will stay open through the holiday weekend, until 5pm Eastern Monday, July 6th.

It’s shocking to me that to date there have only been 158 contributors.

Be a good GovLooper – comment!

The Topics open are grouped under Transparency, Participation & Collaboration.

If you have any comments you’d liek to share regarding this process, feel free,

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The process for this initiative is not as intuitive as the others. This site requires a bit of a learning curve that was not necessary with the other tools they used.
Now that I am more comfortable with using this app, I will participate more actively

Stacy Surla

The MixedInk app is awkward, non-intuitive, and just a lot of trouble to use. It has all the shortcomings of the Google Moderator app with a bonus layer of complexity. There must be a better way to foster citizen discussion and engagement – time to design one!

Another wrinkle is that WhiteHouse.gov states the discussion period for the Open Government initiative is over. It links to the National Academy of Public Administration site, where the (completed?) discussion is driven not by MixedInk but by an app called Idea Scale.

I’m completely confused. If I comment via the MixedInk app, would my input be incorporated?