“Service to the Public and the Environment” – by Samuel Brockway


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This past June, I completed a Bachelor of Science in Environmental
Studies from UC Santa Barbara, and worked as a Soil-Hydrologic
Technician for Lassen National Forest over the summer. These experiences
instilled in me a passion for the environment, and for preserving
ecosystem services, upon which humans depend. I also recognized that my
ultimate goal was to be involved with the process of making important
environmental decisions for a federal agency.

While working for the Forest Service, I appreciated the integral role of
the Government in developing large scale environmental management
policies. To build the skill set necessary to attain my goal, I enrolled
in two concurrent Masters’ Degrees: Marine Affairs, and Public
Administration, at the University of Washington. In the School of Marine
Affairs, I am learning to: put Ecosystem Based Management theories into
practical applications of real world ecosystems, analyze government
responses to global phenomena (e.g. climate change), and make decisions
about contentious policies with high uncertainty. The Evans School of
Public Affairs provides me with professional skills in economics,
statistical modeling and analysis, budget and performance management,
and policy analysis. My Master’s thesis topic is to perform an
integrated environmental assessment of proposed oceanic carbon capture
and storage methods, and analyze the policy implications of the

I am eager to specialize these skills that I am improving on in graduate
school to an array of potential project topics with a federal agency.
Working for a government agency on the development of climate change
policy would be my ideal position, but I would also be ecstatic to work
on Marine Protected Areas, Ecosystem Based Management, or any other
integrated environmental management program.

When I complete my degrees in 2012, I will have a rare combination of
skills that the government would benefit to have access. Few people are
as passionate as I am about utilizing my skills to the advantage of the
environment, and the public that depends on it. The public sector
provides the greatest access and resources to projects that can benefit
the public, which is why I am committed to working for it. Please select
me for the CampusGov/GovLoop Scholarship because I am a driven student
with the tools to benefit the public in my future career. Thank you for
your time and consideration.

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