The Nexus 7, the best in mobile gaming.

The Nexus 7 is poised to be the mobile gaming device of choice

I’ve always liked gaming, especially on the road. From my first Game Boy, to Snake on a cellphone, to the PSP, a little gaming was always the way to pass the time while waiting. But with the release of the Nexus 7, the future of handheld gaming has never been so bright. I’ve tried almost every form factor for gaming, and the Nexus 7 trumps all the current options. The large, bright screen is immersive, and the light weight tablet is easy to hold for at least an hour or two.

Mobile gaming has all but ruined the viability of handheld gaming devices. The PS Vita and Nintendo handhelds are barely selling, they are replaced almost entirely by iPods, iPads and smartphones. But the iPad is hard to hold, it’s almost impossible to grip and use the entire screen. On the other hand, most smartphones are kind of hard to hold in landscape comfortably for a while. The N7 has a form factor that is comfortable to hold in portrait and landscape, perfect for gaming.

The Google Play Store has thousands of games you can play. The Amazon App Store also has a huge number, including a free app every day. Google apps are often on sale, including Asphalt 7: Heat on sale for just $.99 recently. The ability of the N7 to bring high quality graphics into your hands, and playable games (both free and paid), make it far superior to any handheld option available right now.

But unlike any mobile gaming console, the Nexus 7 also provides the ability to consume all types of media. While the iPad offers similar opportunities, it is far larger. It is not as easy to hold, nor can you interact with the entire screen at once. The N7 is properly sized and positioned to take the mobile gaming market by storm, and replace all other gaming options.

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